1 Minute Game Play is a Motion Sensor Game that builds Focus with Fun. Attention is like a muscle — the more you practice using it, the stronger it grows. Playing 1 Minute Game Play helps to build focus in children and adults with ADHD.

System Requirement:

Supported Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® 7 Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1

Mac® OS X® – 10.x operating systems. RAM: 4 GB or more recommended

LAN Connection: You will need a TCP/IP connection of suitable speed with Internet access Notes: Local-area network (LAN) firewalls, proxy servers and network administration software (including virus scanners, other traffic on the network, etc.) may impact performance.

Technical Requirement:

The System requires a Kinect and a Computer, we recommend also a bigger Screen over 17"

DISCOVER AESIR GAMES for Emotion Literarcy

We want to create happy games for those where it is not a give. AESIR games are learning tools that support happy, healthy and productive minds, especially for Special Needs in learning the life skills and positive habits they’ll need and also contribute to their health and personal development. 我的心情日記 is specially designed for those weak in emotional expression and to promote Emotional literacy for Children aged above 4.

Please download and print below AR sticker picture and try the 心情動畫.

我的心情日記 is an AR Playbook with a mobile app. Kids can use the playbook with 心情動畫 to learn more mood problems and solving skills in the playbook.

The Playbook is now about to release and we accept Pre-order now at a special price!


Cyberport CCMF
PolyU Micro Fund 2015
Cyberport CCMF
PolyU Micro Fund 2015
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