AESIR, registered under HKCSS﹣HSBC Social Enterprise Directory, is Asia's Top 12 Social Enterprise and Global Top 500 Tech Startup. We deliver aesthetic visual design services and products to enrich learning, social connection and well-being.

We focus on creating games and interactive solutions for diverse groups of people with special needs using augmented-reality and virtual reality technologies. AESIR’s games are award-winning learning tools, co-design with health professionals, support happy, healthy and productive minds, for Special Needs in learning the life skills and positive habits they’ll need and also contribute to their health and personal development professionally and non-invasively.


Make Learning Fun!

Museums & Exhibition

Offer storytelling technology to the unique needs of the history, and enable innovation that engages visitors

Rehabilitation & Training

With AR Technology, we gamify the training process for children with Autism and children with ADHD. It is a new form of access to behavioral health.


AR 我的生「活」日記


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VR Home Training

Metacognitive processes are part of self-regulated learning. This is where learner takes control of their own learning. The VR Home Training system measures player's metacognitive knowledge and skills in real time while solving problems that require the use of specific home based thinking skills.

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手機應用程式「SEN 童‧FUN享」,主要透過分享治療師及社工介紹一些簡單而實用的家居訓練短片,程式亦都包括情緒週記,協助記錄孩子情緒,鼓勵他們和家人分享感受。


Music X STEM

Music Game for Primary Students and Students with Special Education Needs under STEM Framework. Students would able to experience Fast / Slow Rhythm by tapping the beats following the music from the game. Advanced level would be for students wrapping the instruments with Conductors to form closed circuit to tap the beat out.

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Archi Route

Following the success of our AR Education App, ARchi HK, an enhanced teach and learn supporting App been developed for the Education University of Hong Kong. Dr LAU Leung Kwok Prudence, owner of this App developed by hopes to engage the public join and learn about the Architecture of cultures and lands around Hong Kong. Students from EdUHK can also plan their own teaching tours via the online platform and enable their groups select their tour from the app, intensify their on-site experience during the trip.

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從修身到齊家AR App



Tai Po 5D Ground Painting

20 young artists leading over 200 citizens co-create the biggest 5D Street Painting in Hong Kong. The painting is with 5D visual effect combined with Augmented Reality.

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Social Innovation Fund MobileTruck 社創流動

「社創流動」互動展覽車, Hong Kong Government's Social Innovation Fund Taskforce's initiative to promote Social Innovation among different communities. Ms. Carrie Lam (C.E.O.)and Matthew Cheung Kin-chung (C.S.) been playing with AESIR's Motion games and AR Playbooks experiencing SEN Students' learning

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Mixed Reality AED Simulation Learning by VTC

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. With VTC HoloLens Mixed Reality AED and CPR training, player can learn when and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

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Projection Touch Wall

Installed in Raimondi College, the Projection Touch Wall enables Teachers and Students learn in interactive environment. Learn through kinesthetic Touch Games

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Based on the success on 2017 Gerontechnology 樂齡科技, Health Tech (VTC) has partnered with again develop the second version on Fall Prevention Games

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Leap Motion Heritage @Hollywood Carnival been honored to partner with HKFYG to present the former Fanling Magistracy in 文物時尚‧ 荷李活道 Heritage Vogue ‧ Hollywood Road.

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AR兒童訓練遊戲 - 口唱書空-體感書寫訓練遊戲

With the instruction co-designed with Occupational therapists and Special school teachers, the game would require Dyslexia students practice how to write the Chinese Words with body motions.

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劉鐸博士,副教授, 特殊教育與輔導學系, 香港教育大學進行一項探討通過電腦訓練遊戲提升學生語文能力的研究。學生的中文閱讀能力與他們的學業表現息息相關。希望透過是次研究,開發一個有效訓練閱讀能力的電腦遊戲,幫助一般學生提升閱讀水平。

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Chinese Learning Mobile App for Non-Chinese Groups

"Magic Chinese" is a mobile app developed for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong to arouse their interests learning Chinese, which is a compulsory subject in Hong Kong. Through the App, we hope Students learn basic chinese words in Fun


長者防跌三式遊戲 - Elderly Care Fall Prevention Game

Among elders aged 65 or above who had falls, 9.7% had fractures. Some elders would subsequently have reduced mobility and decline in self-care ability, some would require institutionalization afterwards. AESIR's Elderly Care Fall Prevention Game aims to use Sensor technology foster Elderly self-care habit with games that they enjoy.

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ARchi HK - AR Heritage Appreciation Project

ARchi HK is a mobile app for the public and students to appreciate modern architectural heritage in Hong Kong, Primarily developed to enhance the field trip experience for university students, it also embodies augmented reality (AR) and GPS locations so all public users can easily locate neighbouring sites of modern architectural heritage around them and appreciate their historical, social and aesthetic contexts in a user-friendly way. .

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S.T.R.E.A.M. Biblical Hologram

聖經全息影像投影 Use Hologram Workshops to enhance F3 to F4 Gifted Students cross-subjects learning on S.T.R.E.A.M. area(Science, Technology, Religious Studies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) in particular mathematics knowledge application on making Hologram, use of information technology on Holographic projection and Biblical art creation.

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復康遊戲 - 1 Minute GamePlay

Make use of Sensor Technology, designed for Rehab and Special Group Content on Executive Skills Training 利用紅外線傳感技術, 專門針對復康和特殊教育需要訓練內容 (執行功能培訓)

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Dementia Assessment Game

Motion Game designed for Association of Doctors for Social Responsibility 關愛社會醫生聯會 People with dementia may have problems with short-term memory, keeping track of a purse or wallet, paying bills, planning and preparing meals, remembering appointments or traveling out of the neighborhood. AESIR designed the game in hope to provide professional data support as second opinion for doctor make assessment on stages of dementia.

#Motion #Sensor

EdUHK 大華語 Touch Game @Innocarnival

第一部大華語理念國際漢語視聽說教材:脫口秀漢語:中高級漢語視聽說課本 Learning Chinese can be fun through our touch Game. Provided by the Hong Kong Education University, 大華語 Touch Game is a task based teaching game with IB concept. Players need to drag and drop the correct chinese wordings for the graphics shown on the screen,

#TouchGame #EdUHK

Hong Kong Police Force Game - Touch

HKTDC Education & Careers Expo (香港貿發局教育及職業博覽) 香港職業教育 Hong Kong Career Education can be interesting and inspiring. AESIR developed a Touch Game used by Hong Kong Police Force to introduce their work to general public.

#Touch #Police #Game

Marathon Challenge - Kenwood Motion Game

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon is Hong Kong's largest participatory annual sporting event. De'Longhi Kenwood offers the most exciting Blender for participants try out their blended beverage with our Motion Sensor Games Kenwood Power

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STEM - VR 360 Dim Sum View

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) has become more important to Students' STEM subject learning. AESIR introduced Virtual Reality Workshop for Students experience VR production and filming to capture fundamental principles of Virtual Reality as well as TMT Concept


AR for Cancer Drugs Demonstration

Novel new drugs against cancer invented by PolyU, AESIR has created AR Animation explaining the principles behind the Drugs, unveil the Applied biological massive work with a simple 3D AR App

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AR for Heritage Conservation

Sponsored by American Express, Former Fanling Magistracy would be rennovated to home for Global Leadership Institute. During the opening ceremony, guest and VIPs using their mobiles scanning the brochure and banners design to enjoy AR experience to get a favor on how the heritage contribute to Hong Kong's rule of Law in the past and future..

#AR #App #Exhibition

AR一帶一路 (S.T.R.E.A.M.學習計劃)

AR一帶一路 (S.T.R.E.A.M.學習計劃)以明朝傳教士,利瑪竇(Matteo Ricci)和香港第一任宗座代牧,高雷門主教(Bishop Timoleon Raimondi)由意大利來華傳教的生平為學習主題,培育學生具備世界觀,了解天主教傳教史。


AR心理書 - 快樂王國

AR心理書 - 快樂王國 (香港青年協會版) - AR兒童本,以生動有趣的方法,讓這些小朋友更專注也更容易理解內容,也使家長可以在家中與小朋友進行情緒練習。

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Hong Kong VR Speech Center

運用 虛擬VR手機APP培養香港學生公開演講和言語訓練 Training Hong Kong Students on Public Speaking and Speech

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LCD Transparent Display Product

Product Display with LCD Transparent .

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Kuoni勝景遊 AR VR 旅遊體驗

【#VR虛擬實境 360°呈現 #南美南極風光】 Kuoni勝景遊一連兩日6月3-4曰(六、日) 係 #尖沙咀iSQUARE 舉辦南美、南極旅遊展覽開始啦!!! 有南美、南極全方位360°旅遊體驗館、AR照相館


Happy Kingdom 快樂王國

香港首本運用 3D 虛擬AR手機APP培養孩子正向心理的親子互動手冊 First AR Playbook for Positive Psychology in Hong Kong S.A.R. Sponsored by SIE Fund and GoodSeed

#AR #MobileApp

Hologram Workshop

Sponsored by American Express (Hong Kong), AESIR been carrying out Hologram workshop for over 250 students from 10 different schools in Hong Kong. Students able to apply Physics and 3D Video making techniques to enjoy their making process.

#Hologram #STEM

AR Photobooth

Discovery Bay Christmas Celebration, AR Photobooth, is built and installed from 7th Dec to 27th Dec 2016, outside the Discovery Bay Pier to bring Christmas Joy and Fun.

#AR #Motion #Photobooth

VR Journey

Working closely with Local NGO and Architect from NIL Studio , AESIR develops VR Journey to bring in immersive learning experience to students experiencing VR Technology with Architecturial learning.

#VR #App

Changing Mirror

Latest Retail experience for Fashion Brands and stylist assist their customers simulating how design fit on them.

#AR #Motion

Volleyball Motion Game

Showcase in Holloywood Plaza, Volleyball Motion Game is designed to introduce Volleyball activies as one of the Olympic games to public and young generation.

#AR #Motion #Game

Touch Game - Rocket Cat

Designed for Spacepa Event Marketing, a touch game working with 55" touch Display.

#Touch #Game

特殊教育- 拼字 Special Education - Spelling

1 Minute Gameplay, students with learning disable may profound weak in memorizing vocabulary and spelling due to low concentration. The Motion game aims to arouse their interests and training their vocabulary memory.


Hand Motion Heritage Game

Promoting the Fanling Conservation project by developing a hand motion game to arouse public interests on the heritage architecture and court room design setup.

#sensor game

Use of Money Motion Game for Mentally Challenged

For mentally challenged special groups, use of money is critical lifeskills to them. Applying motion learning to gamify the money training as a means to educate important lifeskills.


HoloLens MR Game Showcase

AESIR showcase the latest HoloLens Game.with latest Mixed Reality technology

#Mixed Reality #HoloLens

VR Wine Shop

VR Shopping experience brought by a Premium Beverage Company to offer a virtual shopping experience for wine lovers


Mobile Game - Halloween Go

Halloween Go is a mobile game app designed for a Prominent Event Marketing Firm. In celebration of Halloween, the firm tailored a mobile game app for its clients remarkable anniversary


Mobiel Game App

Design company for a mobile game app showcase their design artpiece. A technical demo prepared for the Design Company


AR PlayBook

AR Playbook is a Playbook with AR App我的心情日記, creating play games that are good for children's emotional understanding. AR Playbook marries the latest technologies to help kids develop foundational life skills through Play.

#App #AR

Kinect Motion Game for ADHD Children and Adults

Our Product showcase on Entrepreneurs Day in the Hong Kong Convention Centre. 1 over every 50 kids in the US is identified with ADHD, our Kinect motion game is designed to train ADHD Children and adults on Focus, Memory and Concentration. With our Kinect game, users would be trained to possess stronger focus, longer memory, and a more organized thought process.

#Motion #AR


40th anniversary of Singapore Actuarial Society Logo Design

In celebration of Singapore Actuarial Society, SAS, 40th Anniversary, AESIR Limited has a great honor designing their logo, delivering a spirit of this professional body embracing modern design.


Hand Motion Game

In celebration of Heritage revitalization, AESIR, supported by HKFYG and American Express developed a Serious game with Hand motion to create a 360 experience for visitors understand the courtroom setting and understand more about the heritage.

#Motion #Game

AR Personal Branding Namecard

SENSO is dedicated to define a new Personal branding with a Sensory Approach, our Business Cards are designed to make an instant impact, from the very first hello to that final handshake.


Therapy Training Cards

Working with University of South Florida, U.S.A and a leading Hong Kong Clinic for Special Educational Needs Clients (with Autism Spectrum Disorder), the training cards aim to facilitate the Training process to help Clients, Parents and the therapists.




Designed for Hong Kong cultural preservation, the 3D Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower is attached when scanning the History book to pop up as an interactive means to introduce the local heritage.

#AR #App

AR Pocket Portfolio

AR Pocket Portfolio

Live Norish prints a range of photos on their Greetings cards products. When they meet new contacts they are able to talk them through their work right there, and leave a card with them as the perfect reminder.

#AR #App

AR Photo booth @Wedding Banquet

AR Photo booth @Wedding Banquet

Thanks to 彩福婚宴集團 CHOI FOOK WEDDING BANQUET GROUP, AESIR has made our first AR Photo booth launch in Feb 2016.

Guests can get creative with their photos by using props such as hats, glasses, masks and more. All of your guests will be amazed with the incredible picture quality and quick development of the photos. At the end of the night, your guests will walk away with a unique and memorable keepsake to always remember the fun!

#AR #Motion


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