AESIR, registered under HKCSS﹣HSBC Social Enterprise Directory, is Asia's Top 12 Social Enterprise and Global Top 500 Tech Startup. We deliver aesthetic visual design services and products to enrich learning, social connection and well-being.

We focus on creating games and interactive solutions for diverse groups of people with special needs using augmented-reality and virtual reality technologies. AESIR’s games are award-winning learning tools, co-design with health professionals, support happy, healthy and productive minds, for Special Needs in learning the life skills and positive habits they’ll need and also contribute to their health and personal development professionally and non-invasively.

Digital Branding

Delivering a differentiated and consistent digital experience

Museums & Exhibition

Align storytelling technology to the unique needs of the history, and enable innovation that engages visitors

Game for Learning & Training

With AR Technology, we gamify the training process for children with Autism and children with ADHD. It is a new form of access to behavioral health.


Volleyball Motion Game

Showcase in Holloywood Plaza, Volleyball Motion Game is designed to introduce Volleyball activies as one of the Olympic games to public and young generation.

Hologram Workshop

Sponsored by American Express (Hong Kong), AESIR been carrying out Hologram workshop for over 250 students from 10 different schools in Hong Kong. Students able to apply Physics and 3D Video making techniques to enjoy their making process.

Hand Motion Game

In celebration of Heritage revitalization, AESIR, supported by HKFYG and American Express developed a Serious game with Hand motion to create a 360 experience for visitors understand the courtroom setting and understand more about the heritage.

AR Photobooth

Discovery Bay Christmas Celebration, AR Photobooth, is built and installed from 7th Dec to 27th Dec 2016, outside the Discovery Bay Pier to bring Christmas Joy and Fun.

VR Journey

Working closely with Local NGO and Architect from NIL Studio , AESIR develops VR Journey to bring in immersive learning experience to students experiencing VR Technology with Architecturial learning.

Changing Mirror

Latest Retail experience for Fashion Brands and stylist assist their customers simulating how design fit on them.

AR PlayBook

AR Playbook is a Playbook with AR App我的心情日記, creating play games that are good for children's emotional understanding. AR Playbook marries the latest technologies with sophisticated gaming to help kids develop foundational life skills through Play. NEWS and Statement of Clarification

Kinect Motion Game for ADHD Children and Adults

Our Product showcase on Entrepreneurs Day in the Hong Kong Convention Centre. 1 over every 50 kids in the US is identified with ADHD, our Kinect motion game is designed to train ADHD Children and adults on Focus, Memory and Concentration. With our Kinect game, users would be trained to possess stronger focus, longer memory, and a more organized thought process.


40th anniversary of Singapore Actuarial Society Logo Design

In celebration of Singapore Actuarial Society, SAS, 40th Anniversary, AESIR Limited has a great honor designing their logo, delivering a spirit of this professional body embracing modern design.

Tai Po 5D Ground Painting

20 young artists leading over 200 citizens co-create the biggest 5D Street Painting in Hong Kong. The painting is with 5D visual effect combined with Augmented Reality.

AR Personal Branding Namecard

SENSO is dedicated to define a new Personal branding with a Sensory Approach, our Business Cards are designed to make an instant impact, from the very first hello to that final handshake.

Therapy Training Cards

Working with University of South Florida, U.S.A and a leading Hong Kong Clinic for Special Educational Needs Clients (with Autism Spectrum Disorder), the training cards aim to facilitate the Training process to help Clients, Parents and the therapists.



Designed for Hong Kong cultural preservation, the 3D Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower is attached when scanning the History book to pop up as an interactive means to introduce the local heritage.

AR Pocket Portfolio

AR Pocket Portfolio

Live Norish prints a range of photos on their Greetings cards products. When they meet new contacts they are able to talk them through their work right there, and leave a card with them as the perfect reminder.

AR Photo booth @Wedding Banquet

AR Photo booth @Wedding Banquet

Thanks to 彩福婚宴集團 CHOI FOOK WEDDING BANQUET GROUP, AESIR has made our first AR Photo booth launch in Feb 2016.

Guests can get creative with their photos by using props such as hats, glasses, masks and more. All of your guests will be amazed with the incredible picture quality and quick development of the photos. At the end of the night, your guests will walk away with a unique and memorable keepsake to always remember the fun!


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Cyberport CCMF
PolyU Micro Fund 2015
Cyberport CCMF
PolyU Micro Fund 2015
2015滬港創意創業訓練營 - 最佳商業實踐獎
Good Seed for Social Innovators
SIE, 社創基金, Hong Kong SAR Government

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